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Nick Wright 
Founder of

In 2014 I observed a problem with running...
there wasn't an easy way to run against
friends, family of different abilities across locations...

So I built an algorithm (like golf handicap) to create
your weekly target,
a points game (like fantasy football) and created a whatsapp group...

The result was amazing. It inspired all types of runners (and non-runners) creating a way in which kept us motivated, encouraged.

During Covid, I developed it into a free mobile app, for everybody to enjoy across the world. 2 years later, 10,000+ runs have been uploaded,
across 36 countries. 

It isn't perfect, this is still v1.3 - there are many things I would like to improve, but to do that requires investment and your support to keep going. 

In 2023-24 
we are working on 5 very exciting new features...

  • Carrot Kids - our exciting schools feature & platform

  • All distances - a new algorithm to allow any distance

  • Club Levels - stay motivated, keep your run streak going

  • Partner integrations - with parkrun and GARMIN

  • Carrot 100 challenge - can you run for 100 days?

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Investor or interested partner? 
We would love to hear from you. Get in touch with Nick directly by clicking the button below

What does our Carrot community think?
Read how Juliette, Susie and James all use Carrot in different ways...

'Carrot helped me overcome my running low-self esteem'

Kingston Upon Thames, UK

'Carrot is my weekly goal that keeps
me motivated'


Bath, UK

'The Carrot leagues
is my inspiration to
try and win Gold!'


Auckland, NZ

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A very quick guide to Carrot...

+  It isn't about 'how fast you are'... It is about 'anybody can win'. 
+  Our integrated mobile app is a weekly time target game, personalised for you.
+  Game Week begins Sunday and closes Saturday 6pm...
+  All you need to do is walk, jog, run, parkrun 5km within the week... 
+  Upload your time (use our Strava, Garmin link) or tap to manually input your run
+  Immediately get your result and see if you've caught your carrot or improved
+  Create your own league and challenge your friends, family, colleagues
+  Every week you get points based on your Carrot position. A Series last 2 months.

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Meet some of our original Carroteers from 2014!

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