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Summer Sock Promotion - Buy 2, get an extra pair free!

The Carrot Summer Promotion has just dropped... buy 2 pairs of the Carrot run socks and get a third pair FREE - includes FREE shipping, anywhere in the world*

That's £25 for 3 pairs of premium run socks!

If you're looking for some new, super fast, super cool run or athleisure socks. Or simply in need of sharpening up your summer running wardrobe, then we have something for you...

We have collaborated with our friends at Soar Running to create a unique sock, specifically tailored for Carrot and the 5km run and hot weather.

Super comfortable with a mesh mid-foot and upper, these really are the coolest socks in the world!

RRP of these premium sports socks would usually be +£20. We only use the best materials and manufacturing techniques, with our sustainable and ethical supplier in Italy. As part of the Carrot community, we give you access the very best items and advice, at a super affordable club price tag.

Our only ask, is for you to continue sharing the Carrot app with your friends and colleagues. We can then continue to grow and keep bringing you for free and creating a fabulous wearable range, at discount prices.

If the unique long shot edition isn't for you - don't worry... we have the chantenay short-cut sock edition in production - due out mid-July. These will also be at the same price and have the same promotion.

Click the link to take you straight the the Carrot shop...

Get your carrot!

Nick * Free shipping to anywhere in the world, covered by Royal Mail

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