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Game Week 23 summary

This week (Game Week 24) is the final week in Series 3. As a reminder, we applaud the Series winners, then all leagues will go back to 0 points and we start all over again for Series 4 (July, August). If you haven't already set up a league, check out our TOP TIP OF THE WEEK... This week we show, remind you, how to set up a league with just a few clicks!

We hope Carrot continues to inspire and keep you competitively connected with your friends, family and colleagues. Catch your carrot!


Game Week summary

  • A hot, then very wet week in the UK, but 90 players recording a carrot run.

  • Tricky carrot catching conditions with only 24 players (27%) catching their carrot.

  • SHAEF Shifters do the double!

  • This week.... who will be the 4,000th game week runner?!


Carrot league...

Running can be a team game too! In Carrot we are playing with a unique new format. If you are in a league with 5 or more runners (and 5 or more runners run in the game week) your league becomes eligible...

How it works. Each week, we look at all the leagues in carrot and rank them by the average carrot result. The league with the best average carrot result wins.

It isn't a 'visible' feature yet. We will shout-out the weekly league 'best' carrot time within this email summary. Your challenge is to motivate your team and get onto the weekly email!


Series ever-presents...

Over 30% of carrot runners enjoy competing against themselves. Going for a Series ever-present accolade is becoming a new challenge. And if you are faster than your carrot across the entire series, then you will have done something only 3 people have ever achieved.

You need to run in every week of a Series to become a member of the ever-present club.

In Series 2, 57 players completed the full set, running in every game week. One weeks to go in Series 4 and 35 players are on course for a full set, with 4 players currently faster than their carrot. Look out for the Gold Usagi unlock coming soon...


TOP TIP - Creating a league... You can create as many league's as you like. Think of them like Whatsapp groups. Add, amend, edit, share, or end a league with just a few clicks.

Go to your Leagues screen...

Enter new league details... You can add (picture) or amend (name) at any time.

Add friends... You can also share the league name & passcode for anybody to add. But the lead admin (Captain) MUST approve or reject. NOTE: you cannot search for leagues, as they are private, just like you can't search for Whatsapp groups (but we are observing this, so do continue to feedback)

The lead admin (Captain) - or anybody added as an Admin will be able to change league details, or directly add league members via the cog button.


Exciting Release Update News... We are in the final trial stages of League Chat and Carrot Points.

We are aiming to launch this weekend, so look out for a refresh - and then click on leagues to start a group chat - only available / seen by members in that league. Catch that carrot!

Nick and Usagi

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