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Game Week 22 summary

Welcome to the new 'summary' to give a recap of all the action from the previous game week and keep you motivated! Within the summary, look out for our TOP TIP OF THE WEEK... This week we show you how to find your run history with just one click!

We hope Carrot continues to inspire and keep you competitively connected with your friends, family and colleagues. Catch that carrot!


Game Week 22 summary

  • A hot week in the UK, with a lower than usual 85 runners recording a run.

  • But, It didn't stop 30 runners catching their carrot.

  • And, we are closing in on the 4,000 game week runs milestone!


Carrot league... Running can be a team game too, and in Carrot we are playing with a new format. If you are in a league with 5 or more runners (and 5 or more runners run in a game week) your league becomes eligible... How it works. Each week, we look at all the leagues in carrot and rank them by the average carrot result. The league with the best average carrot result wins. Simple! It isn't a 'visible' feature yet. We will shout-out the weekly league 'best' carrot time within this email summary. Congratulations to SHAEF Shifters, led by Nick Rowe, who scored a result of +23 seconds over Carrot (avg time: 19:57) which is our first sub 20 mins team winner! Your challenge is to motivate your team and get onto the weekly email! Ever-presents... Carrot runners also enjoy competing on their own terms. Going for a Series ever-present is becoming a new challenge. You need to run in every week of a Series to become a member of the ever-present club.


Series Ever-presents...

In Series 2, 57 runners completed the full set, running in every game week. Two weeks to go in Series 3 and 36 runners are on course for a full set. New unlock coming for series ever-presents within Carrot Points.


TOP TIP - Your Run History... Did you know you can see ALL your previous run results with just one click? On your PROFILE > Simply click the hexagon which says GAME WEEKS > And all your best game week runs are listed. Note. Click the down arrows to expand past Series.


Finally... Thank you for enjoying Carrot and continuing to share with your friends, family and colleagues. Over the next two months we will move from beta Version 1 to Version 2.... Welcoming three amazing developments...

  • Carrot Points

  • League messaging

  • Strava and Garmin auto-upload

And of course, the return of parkrun! Thank you,

Nick and Usagi!

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