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The world's most
inclusive 5km experience. 

Any ability. Any age. Anywhere.


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Connect & Compete

Challenge friends & family anywhere in the world through 5km mini running leagues.

Create or join your own running leagues to inspire and motivate each other with some seriously friendly competition. Run together or solo, outdoors or on a treadmill then upload your time on your selected game day and watch out for the results!


The Game Changer

Level the playing field with Carrot's Unique Handicap system. Anyone can win!

Carrot's unique scoring system is based on personal performance rather than ability meaning no matter your speed or experience anyone can go for gold! Simply set your personal Carrot TT (Target Time) with your first run and then you'll earn points and rewards every time you improve on your own time.


Keen or curious? Here's what to do next.

We're currently in our BETA testing phase and need your help to make this a brilliant experience! If you want to be involved simply follow the steps below.

Step 1.

Sign up with

your email

Fill in you email at the bottom and we'll be in touch to get you involved in being one of the first 500 to trial our BETA version of the app!

Step 2.

Create or join

a league.

Either join the Carrot Community League or we'll help you set up a league with your friends and family wherever they are, whatever their ability.

Step 3.

Set your Carrot Target Time. 

The first run you upload will be used to set your handicap. From then on you'll receive points & rewards every time you improve on your own performance!

Step 4.

Enjoy, compete
& level up!

Win weekly points, gold, silvers & bronzes and over 6 weeks series we'll see who the winner is blah blah blah....

Inspired & motivated by you

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Be one of the first 500!

First beta trial starts early Summer 2020.
Sign-up to become part of the Carrot Community.

Thanks for signing up! Stay tuned

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First 500

Latest runners to sign up to the Carrot Community

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