10 Questions

with Nick Wright


Founder of Carrot.run


1. What are Carrot's roots?
Carrot's roots entwine with parkrun - the weekly 5km. Living in Kingston, I discovered parkrun in 2005 and have been inspired to see it grow from 20 runners in Bushy Park to the global event it is today.

2. What was the problem?

My brothers were the problem! We are competitive and unfortunately for my three older brothers, I am quicker than them at 5km! This gave me the idea for Carrot. I thought... What if there was a way in which any runner - regardless of your ability, age or location could compete together? Anyone can win.

3. What happened next?

Together with my brother Chris, we created the first carrot handicap model (in 2014). We used a target time method. Whoever ran closest or beat their target by the most, won the weekly race. We created a league and points system. Invited some friends. We kept learning, refining, improving. It opened up a whole new way in how to motivate and inspire a community of runners of all abilities. Way beyond our original intention. 

4. How does the carrot TT method work?
The method is an algorithm refined and built over 6 years and thousands of real-life 5km race experiences.
When you register, you will input a '5km target time'.  From week 1, your personal CTT will adjust every time you run. In 2021 we will be opening up the ability to add new distances and course difficulty.

5. What about other handicap methods?

Most traditional methods are outdated and uninspiring. Some are complex using arbitrary numbers which confuse. Others use average times which can be manipulated and misleading. We use simple time metrics. Minutes and Seconds. It is the universal language. Everybody gets it. You know what time you are targeting.

6. What if you're new to running or have been injured?

Many of our friends were first-timers having started their running journey's being inspired by Carrot. We use the same method, but with some minor adjustments for new or lapsed runners. It is both fair and enticing for rookie runners or comeback runners, returning to fitness . 

7. What about time achievements?

Celebrating time achievements is important. But there's so much more you can do to motivate and inspire. So we created Carrot Points. Every time you run (on your own or in a league) you collect points, achievements and unlocks. We have over 50 ways in which you can unlock achievements to keep you coming back for more!

8. How is it different to parkrun or Strava? 

We love parkrun. But we know that over 50% of socially motivated runners can't make it to the weekly 9am Saturday morning parkrun. Other runners don't like the pressure of running in big groups. Most runners like being connected and having an element of gaming. This is where Carrot.run is different to everybody.  

9. How is it different to Strava or other digital apps? 

Carrot.run is an additive to other digital apps. We focus on the game, inspiring and connecting runners - who we call players. Social value is at the heart of everything we do and strive for. We don't replace the likes of Strava, Garmin, Nike +, but work with them. And in 2021 we hope to seamlessly link with these apps.

And, Carrot.run is FREE. 

10. Who is the Carrot team?

The Carrot core team is called the Burrow. Rob leads the development, linking with our international partners. Tom has been instrumental in building the brand look. And Paul plays a key advisory and testing role. James has played a key CIO - together we challenge each other over the methodology. And there are many other supporters who are incredibly generous with their time and enthusiasm. 

Curious to find out more? 
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