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Ready for some seriously
 Friendly Competition?

Discover 5K fun for anyone, anywhere!

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Levelling the playing field!

Carrot gamifies 5K running using a Unique Handicap Method so no matter your age, ability or location - anyone, anywhere can connect & compete with friends & family through mini leagues or level up at their own pace.

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playing field

Carrot’s unique handicap system means that no matter how fast or slow you are - everyone can compete to win awards, trophies and those much sought after gold, silver and bronze medals!

Level up!

Push your performance to the next level and improve your own times through neat nudges, prompts & gamification. 

Connect with the Carrot Community

Join friends, family and thousands of runners all over the world and share tips, tracks and times to inspire each other to keep running!

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Create your own Usagi Avatar!

Earn carrots, rewards and trophies to unlock exclusive features and create your very own unique running avatar. (Coming soon...order a personalised running T-shirt!).

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