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Out Now!

Connecting with our new STRAVA automated upload feature, we are bringing you Carrot Course Difficulty.

All 5km runs uploaded via STRAVA will show the course difficulty, based on metres gained.

We have created
5 difficulty segments, from Green to Super Black, based on elevation toughness.

Naturally, we know there are super hard flat courses too - such as those pesky, sandy, beach-type runs! For now,
the method is purely based on elevation, so we will have to class those are 'Super hard greens' and commend them!

We will create a bespoke parkrun section where
you will be able to view ALL the global parkruns; how they have been categorised, allowing the users to add, view, comment and share.

Phase 2 of Carrot Course Difficulty will see another exciting feature refinement.
Your Carrot Result will be adjusted based on the difficulty, using a unique algorithm.

This way, you can still compete and potentially do even better, regardless of course difficulty! Keeping you motivated.


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