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There are two thing's we are solving at Carrot...
1. Regardless of your speed, how can you race against friend over 5km?
2. How can we keep motivating you to run, jog, push?  

The solution...
We have developed the first and only truly universal handicap system - called the Carrot Target Time method.

But it's more than that. It's an app experience. We have developed a Carrot Points system - unlock run streaks and collect points to keep levelling up.

The benefits...

Not only is Carrot a great app for the competitive runner; who can form leagues and race against friend. It is mostly used by the one-player runner, looking for something to keep them motivated.

But the real benefit we love most... When a Carrot runner recoreds 3 runs, they are more likely to stick with their routine. And we know that people who stick with their routine lead healthier, happier lives; reducing stress, anxiety and increasing self-esteem. is free to download. No adverts. It is entirely self-funded. No government or investor support. Built for a community who like to connect and have fun with running!

Search 'Carrot run' in your download store today!

The Carrot Story

In 2014 I discovered a problem which I just couldn't shake off. I love running the 5km, especially my local parkrun, but I found it quite strange - that there wasn't a fun, universal, one-click system, connecting all your friends together - where you could race against them, regardless of ability, age, gender or location... and if you couldn't get to a parkrun at 9am on a Saturday morning, you missed out. Hmm, something had to be done.

So with a bit of help from my friends, we created

The aim of is for you to chase your carrot and catch it, each week. Everybody has their own individual carrot which changes each week, based on previous performances, thanks to our cheeky, clever little algorithm.

Creating an equal playing field...
The difference between your actual time (e.g. 26:00 mins) and your Carrot Target (e.g. 26:30 mins) is your Carrot Result. For instance, in this case you beat your Carrot by 30 secs - which would definitely deserve a celebratory glass of wine, chocolate or all the above! 

Your best 5km time of the Game Week...
Game Week's begin every Sunday and run to Saturday's at 6pm. So you have an entire week to get your best 5km run in. No matter how many kids clubs you are fighting against - you can still be involved with your parkrun buddies. Or if you're on Zwift, in a hotel or on an oil rig. You can all compete!

Upload your time effortlessly with STRAVA...
It's really simple. If manually uploading your time, it's a trust-based input method which takes 3 clicks. Or, if you like using Strava (like I and 100 million people do!) connect your account with (using our app) and we will find your your best 5km run of the week. 

We will even send a couple of little prompt notifications in-app, during the week to remind - because you don't want to forget and miss out on a Carrot Run Streak... It will mess your stats!

Stick together and stay motivated by forming a League...
Leagues are like Whatsapp groups. They are private; and you can be in as many as you like. You can request to join and leave at your leisure. We now have a great chat function - only visible to your group.

Anyone can win the weekly Gold Medal!
The Leagues get even better. You battle for the weekly podium and whoever beats their Carrot by the most - wins Gold Medal! Actual time is noted, but it's Carrot Result which our differentiator... There's nice!

A Series lasts for 2 months
To keep the Leagues fresh and fun, we reset the points to zero at the start of every new Series. The first Saturday of the month is Week 1 of a Series and the last Saturday of the month is Week 8 (or 9) of a Series. 

Be a Series ever-present
There are so many fun, innovative ways the community is using From family leagues, work leagues, run clubs and Paralympians are now using it too. One such challenge is to become a Series ever-present. Running every week within a Series - surprisingly more difficult then it sounds!

Unlock Carrot Points and get the Sock!
Coming Soon we have a new feature where you will collect Carrot Points every Game Week you run. Points are awarded for run streaks, time-based monthly bests, carrot catching and many more.  Buy a pair of our exclusive super-duper elite running sock; made in collaboration with SOAR Running. Click on the top of the page to have a look! They are so good!   

Keep connected!
Follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Look out for our monthly updates to your email sharing new features and more! And don't heitate to drop Nick an email with any ideas, feedback or maybe even an amazing business proposal to help us thrive & grow!


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